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Hello! My name is Evan. My wife Kim and I are camping fanatics who have camped in 44 of the 50 U.S. states. We have tried pretty much every type of camping item out there and are happy to share our combined expertise with the world. Hopefully our guides can save you time and money finding amazing pieces of equipment to make your own incredible memories!

Camp Gear Guides

The place to find tips on what gear to get at different price points. Don’t waste time pouring over everything on the internet, we have your back.

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Expert tips on what you need to have the ultimate camping experience.

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From Black Friday deals to Christmas we route you to some of the best deals on the internet for amazing camping deals

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Benefits of Camping

Camping has a litany of benefits for the mind, body, and soul. Your mind benefits from unplugging from screens and devices, destressing in a way only nature can provide. The body benefits from moving around and physically exerting yourself setting up camp, hiking around, and hopefully hauling in enormous fish! Your soul benefits from building life long relationship with loved ones while sharing unforgettable experiences.

But camping can have its downsides if you aren’t prepared. I’m talking about sleepless nights in an uncomfortable tent, difficulties preparing food without proper equipment, and don’t even get me started on bugs! Good camping gear can make all of the difference.

Check out our camp gear guides for an easy way to find amazing gear that you’ll love! We are a new site so please bear with us as we get new guides out to you. Please consider subscribing if you want to stay updated with new guides and the latest deals on top products!

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